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POSTS....! A Journey from Strength towards Support
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Название: POSTS....! A Journey from Strength towards Support

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A variety of materials have been used for posts ranging from wooden posts of the 18th century to metal posts and more recently, carbon fiber, glass fiber, and ceramic posts. For nearly a century, the standard technique for restoration of badly broken down endodontically treated teeth consisted almost exclusively of either a cast metal post/core or a prefabricated metal post with an amalgam core build up. During the last few years, with the advent of new materials and technologies, there has been a major shift away from metal custom-cast posts and cores towards prefabricated metal posts and resin-based composite cores, and recently these is a clearly observable movement towards use of fiber reinforced resin-based composite posts and ceramic posts.

This book presents a critical analysis of various posts and systems used in Dentistry.

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